About Us

Serratelli Hat Company is a family owned and operated business with almost 150 years of history providing high quality products to the hat industry. Founded in 1878 by Pio Serratelli, the company was originally a supplier providing raw materials to hat manufacturers. Today, Serratelli Hat Company manufactures and sells western hats directly to retail stores so we can guarantee our hats are the best in the business.

Our Values

Quality and excellence are at the heart of our business. Our headquarters and factory have been in the same building since the 1950s so we can proudly say our hats are Made in the USA. We are continuously updating and improving the factory and warehouse to deliver an expanded line of high quality western hats with the latest colors, ribbons, finishes and styles. Every hat is shaped and finished with the same care and commitment to excellence that our great, great grandfather used when he started.

Making a hat requires artistry and skill. When someone watches the process of hat making, they are often surprised at the amount of hand labor that goes into each hat. We use only the finest materials when manufacturing hats because this is the foundation of our business. When you hold a Serratelli, you can tell the craftsmanship by the feel and finish.

Our People

Dean Serratelli is the fourth generation to own Serratelli and the great, great grandson of our founder Pio Serratelli. Dean first learned the hat business as a child, working the factory floor with his father and uncle. In 1997, Dean expanded into retail and launched the Serratelli Hat Company as it is known today. His wife, Christina Serratelli, joined him in 2006 to work on the operations, focusing on the back office.

Serratelli Hat Company employs almost 100 people in our factory in Newark, New Jersey. The average employee has been with us for 15+ years so they are passionate about making hats. The fifth generation of Serratellis recently joined the business, continuing our tradition and ensuring our company remains family owned and operated for another 150 years.

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Albinowski